Frequently asked questions.

This reporting tool was exclusively designed by teachers and senior staff at Bonner Primary School in London. They were consulted throughout the entire development process and were also involved in the testing of Phase 1 & 2. Phase 2 of the implementation involved teachers and senior staff from Globe primary school in london. Phase 3 involved 8 new schools in towerhamlets. It is designed to be simple and save time while ensuring security of the data. 60 teachers contributed to the development of the reporting tool.
It is estimated that teachers can save up to 50% of normal reporting time.
Yes. The reporting tool is compatible with iPads, tablets and smart phones.
The reporting tool is web based and can be accessed anytime.
The comment bank is a library of useful statements for specific subjects and levels. They have been written by teachers and can be useful in completing a subject for a pupil. The administrator has the option of making it available for teachers as some schools may prefer not to use it.
Yes. Teachers can add a comment to their own comment bank and can use it for all pupils throughout the reporting writing. A big time saver.
There is a built in facility to allow you to copy a subject from one student to another. The facility replaces the name and pronoun of the student. This saves time if two students have similar subject text.

Once you have registered your school and activated your account the administrator needs to do the following.

  • Add the school logo.
  • Add the class names.
  • Add the teachers names and logins.
  • Assign support teachers to classes.
  • Add the report titles.
A medium sized school with 20-30 teachers should take about 30-45 minutes to set up everything. There is a new import facility to import teachers, classes and students from your school management software is a spreadsheet. This reduces the time to a total of 15 minutes to set up your school if you use this facility.
The teachers will be given their login details by the administrator. The class teacher has to login and add the student names and once completed they can start to do their reports. It should take no more than 15 minutes to set up the student names, gender etc. If the administratior has imported the students then the teacher does not have to.
The reporting tool is compatible with old browsers as far back as Internet Explorer Version 8.0. However, it is recommended that you upgrade your browsers to more recent versions to take advantage of the modern technology that will enhance the overall experience of reporting. Eg. Spellcheck. We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox.