"DoMyReports is great. SO much better than what we used to use. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jenny Wraxal. Deputy Head. Bonner Primary School

"I found this very easy to understand and to use, I couldn't give you a negative comment as I loved using this reporting tool."

Claire Seccombe. Bishop John Robinson Primary School.

"It helped with report writing for me and my job share partner."

Nasima Aktar. Redlands Primary School.

"Great - easy to set up. I also write reports so found that easy too."

Administrator. Sue Brian. Clara Grant Primary School

"Fantastic. It is a great tool. Thank you very much"

Saifa Akbar. Bonner Primary School

"Great tool, it saves us some time!"

Dawn humphreys. Bonner Primary School

"I was very impressed with how simple the system was from a user's perspective (I realise how difficult this is to achieve). I would recommend the system to fellow teachers in other schools."

B Tidy. Bonner Primary School

"Overall, it is a really efficient system that made the report writing a lot easier."

M Hinton. Clara Grant Primary School

"Very good, helped me organise all my reporting and the comment box allowed me to save a lot of time."

Daniel Leech. Arnhem Wharf Primary School

"It was great that all staff could access the reports, therefore not having a word document that cannot be added to by multiple people at the same time. This also meant no one could overwrite a report through saving it incorrectly."

Sarah Nyes. Chisenhale Primary School

"This was my first experience of report writing. We are so lucky to have this tool! We did receive training but I found the site intuitive and easy to navigate. The ability to change a name is invaluable. I also like the snapshot of the class in red and green. Thank you!"

H Pask. Bonner Primary School

"Great. Really smooth."

Keith Broad. Olga Primary School