female teacher
G. Clay
Year Group Leader and Curriculum Lead, St. Paul’s Catholic Junior School

DoMyReports has enabled us to tailor our report comments to our bespoke curriculum in a way which does not increase teacher workload.  This means that parents are accurately informed about the learning that has taken place in all subjects.  Support has always been on hand to make changes that we need quickly and efficiently. 

male teacher
Mr Fox-Ford
Year Group Leader, St. Paul’s Catholic Junior School

This tool provides even coverage of criteria that are needing coverage in year group phrases, vocabulary and standard approach increase speed of completion. There is a clear layout and access between pupils reports as opposed to difficulty when using MS Word.

female teacher
Miss A. Palmer
Year Group Leader, St. Paul’s Catholic Junior School

Using DoMyReports has really taken the stress out of writing reports. Writing remarks for each subject has become significantly more time-effective as the comments are linked to our schools’ and year group’s curriculum coverage. Each child’s pronouns and name have been precisely updated, assuring the accuracy of the comments.

Year Group Leader, St. Paul’s Catholic Junior School
Lindsay Lind
Deputy Headteacher - St Pauls Catholic Junior School

A fantastic report writing tool that allows us to give each of our children a detailed snapshot where their learning is up in all areas of the curriculum. The finished report is extremely professional. Time is not wasted with he/she or layout issues which is a blessing for all teaching staff. Timely support has always…
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hussain Shefaar
Hussain Shefaar
Assistant Headteacher - Cayley Primary School

We have been using domyreports for several years now and I know all the teachers will want to continue using this for years to come! Parents love it too as a its simple format and easy to read comments relevant to their child. Easy to use wherever you are on whatever device you prefer, this…
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Head Teacher
Miss Eleanor Ross
Associate Head Teacher

This reporting tool is quick and simple and saved our staff a lot of time compared with previous years using word templates. I would recommend it to any school.

Saifa Akbar
Teacher - Bonner Primary School

Fantastic. It is a great tool. Thank you very much

Claire Seccombe
Bishop John Robinson

I found this very easy to understand and to use, I couldn’t give you a negative comment as I loved using this reporting tool.

male teacher
Daniel Leech
Teacher. Arnhem Wharf Primary School

Very good, helped me organise all my reporting and the comment box allowed me to save a lot of time.

Hillary Pask
Hillary Pask
Curriculum Leader - Bonner Primary School

This was my first experience of report writing. We are so lucky to have this tool! We did receive training but I found the site intuitive and easy to navigate. The ability to change a name is invaluable. I also like the snapshot of the class in red and green. Thank you!

Sue Brian
Sue Brian
Administrator. Clara Grant Primary School

Great – easy to set up. I also write reports so found that easy too.

Sarah Nyes
Sarah Nyes
Assistant Head Teacher. Chisenhale Primary School

It was great that all staff could access the reports, therefore not having a word document that cannot be added to by multiple people at the same time. This also meant no one could overwrite a report through saving it incorrectly.

Jenny Wraxal
Assistant Headteacher. Bonner Primary School

DoMyReports is great. SO much better than what we used to use. Thank you, thank you, thank you!